In Mexico since 2020 we have carried out a state contract for the construction of 1.400 social housing units in the state housing access plan. The use of ecological materials and new sadvich technology allows to shorten the construction process and lower the price of each unit.


Modular homes

Construction based on interchangeable modules helps to optimize costs and raise the level of quality. Most of the elements are manufactured in the production line at the factory, transporting elements for easy and quick assembly in the building site.



The structure of the house allows to expand the part of rooms adding living space depending on the needs of each family. Resistant coating of the materials with treated natural coating ensures a long time of functionality, resistance to moisture and fire.


Other realizations in Mexico

The need for a comfortable home with rapid construction is the ideal solution to alleviate a housing demand in a country with generational dynamism such as Mexican society. However our functional constructions serve for solutions in industrialized countries, for social programs.


Our Project

Architectural design matches the conditions of the place, developed with the engineers and architects of each country, however the structure and part of technical solutions are supplied by our experienced engineers.

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The manufacture of modules

The manufacturing process is carried out in the factory, which allows to shorten the construction time instead of the work. These methods allow to finish the work before the date foreseen by the investor. No less important is the optymilization of total costs.

Our construction services capabilities

We deal with orders for any number of single-family homes in very short times thanks to the technology of modular buildings. Technique used by OBYCO allows competitiveness of costs and high standards of finish as well as durability and resistance to the influence of weather conditions. We carry out contracts carrying out an investor arcitectonic project. Our experience allows to adapt kitchens in previous works to solve difficulties of new challenges. We optimize both resources in construction and in the exploration of buildings.