Our team uses latest technologies to design hig-quality civil objects.

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We use modern end powerful equipment to create efficient and reliable infrastructure

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hig-quality materials are the absolute guarantee of building dependable facilities.

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At Civil Group, we provide all our services and solutions at quite reasonable prices.

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We are team of experienced civil engineers working to build a better world

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Any client of our company receives full suport by our experinced consultants

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We investigate new and more
efficient ways of
storing electrical energy

The greatest difficulty in making efficient use of a solar or wind power plant is the inability to maintain electricity supply not limited to the optimal hours of sun or wind. Power peaks often cannot be exploited in times of higher productivity and are lost causing the greatest failure of solar and wind power installations - lack of continuity of supply. This fact is also the main cause of electrical inefficiency in these types of installations. Our technology is basically aimed at medium-sized solar plants. As an example, a 2 Mw plant during daytime hours can store enough energy for 8 hours of 1Mw supply. In this way, we convert savings in energy consumption from the public network, we do not load the electrical network by losing a part of energy in transport, and this is the most important feature, we make the most of our network of nearby consumers. The perfect solution for towns and several cities.

each work is a challenge

Our experience comes from
the wisdom of the company's

OBYCO is a young company but experienced by experienced people from both our team and the collaborating companies. Our experience comes from the wisdom of the company's founding professionals and the effectiveness of its managers and the trust of shareholders. From our origins specialization of hydrotecnical infrastructure works, basically equipment for communal water treatment plants. Commercial and marinas as well as river conditioning. We have successfully participated in the construction of hospitals and hotels. In recent years, however, the company has opted for new technologies in buildings and the generation of alternative energy with means of energy storage. At present we are carrying out a work for the city of Mexico consisting of social houses, a new solution that is very energetically effective with a very low cost of mostly recyclable materials and a short time of completion. Modular buildings are beginning to gain a place in the realization of efficient works, not just common homes, too, and perhaps this is the prevailing trend in especially difficult places where it is not always possible to implement buildings using traditional technology. As for example the refuge ski resorts and even luxury apartments for people who like close to nature

passive energy saving standard
of modern buildings

New technologies and
construction materials

Ecological efficiency as part of a new way of understanding the definition of determining factors for housing construction. New materials the possibility of recycling, the use of recycled materials with a low carbon oxide index will be the new construction standard of now. In Mexico we carry out a work of urbanization and construction of social houses. In Poland our company in collaboration with companies of entirely ecological materials that condition the structure of buildings. Modular character of buildings allows us to send the parts to Mexico for assembly instead of the work. The building designs have been developed by Mexican architects, engineers from our company, creating an effective structure with thermal efficiency and material savings, without losing the high quality of use, resistance to wear, with high thermal efficiency.

straight paths are not always shorter

Between the earth
and the sky

For us, sustainability is part of the business and an important competitive differential. To operate with focus on sustainability is to conduct business in a way that generates positive results for all, today and in the future. Promoting sustainable development goes beyond our duty to comply with the laws and determinations that regulate our activities. It means understanding society's trends and priorities and meeting the global conventions and commitments applicable in each location, in issues such as climate, biodiversity and human rights. In line with the practice of the OBYCO Culture, by serving society, contributing to sustainable development and generating tangible and intangible results, we have also earned recognition for our performance.

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