We have started the construction work of houses in Mexico

We begin construction work 1.400 hauses in stage

An adequate theory of the meaning of home must explain it as a complex, multi-leveled or multi-dimensional construct with a specific internal unity determined by relations at and among different levels or dimensions. Home is physically, psychologically, and socially constructed in both "real" and "ideal" forms, and the different types of construction always occur in combination, as part of a single process. Beginning with a review of empirical and theoretical literature on the meaning of home, this paper develops a multi-disciplinary hybrid approach which, it is argued, is necessary for the formulation of such an adequate theory. Following this approach, an attempt is made to show how each individual meaning of home, such as privacy or identity or familiarity, can be internally explicated as a physical/psychological/social construct and related to the wider complex of which it is an integral part.